Thank You for Choosing Our Document Preparation, RON, & E-Recording Services!

“Your Draft Document Awaits Your Review!”

Here’s What to Expect Next:

1. Check Your Email: Kindly check your email inbox, where you’ll find the initial draft document for your review. Our team will begin the process of reviewing your order. Rest assured that your request is in good hands.

2. Quality Review: We take pride in our commitment to accuracy and compliance. Our experienced team will thoroughly review your document to ensure it is complete.

3. Final Draft Delivery: Within 24 hours, you will receive an email containing the final draft of your document ready to sign!

4.  RON Appointment Scheduling: Follow the next steps:

  • Look for a link in the Final Draft Delivery email to schedule an appointment with our notary through NotaryHub platform. Click on the link and schedule an appointment.
  • You will receive a welcome email from Notary Hub with a temporary password, please click on the login link to create an account. This is required for secured access to the portal.
  • A second email from Notary Hub will be sent confirming your appointment and providing access to your signing status page. Please be sure to follow the steps outlined under “Get Ready for Your Digital Notarization Session” and “Here’s the Process”. It is important to follow these steps for a smooth notary session. 

5. E-Recording: After the document has been fully signed and notarized, we will proceed internally with setting up your document for electronic recording. Once recorded, you will receive an email with the finalized, recorded document attached for your records.

Recording Turnaround times: Recording typically takes place within the same day it is submitted to days after if we have weekends and/or holidays in between. The timeframe depends on the county, the day and time the document is submitted for recording as well as the volume of pending recordings the county has to process. Also, keep in mind, that we can only record on the days and times the county recorder’s office is open for business.

We sincerely appreciate your trust in us for your document preparation needs.