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Real Estate Forms

Choose From a Range of Documents

Turning Complex Real Estate Forms into Simple Solutions


Are instrumental in transferring, adding, or removing interests/ownership in real estate properties. Explore our range of deeds tailored to meet your specific needs.


Liens are a tool used by creditors to secure a debt against a debtor’s real property, enabling the creditor to claim the property or its value if the debt remains unpaid.

Private Loans

Note & Deed of Trusts used to secure loans with a promise to pay agreement and using real estate property as collateral.

Power of Attorney

Is a legal document that gives someone else the right to make decisions or handle legal matters for another person, known as the ‘principal.


(Removing deceased owners)

Our Affidavits are designed to facilitate the removal of deceased owner(s) from a property title in cases where joint tenancy was previously established, or when the property is held in the name of a Trust, and one of the trustees has passed away.


Protect the equity of your home up to $605,000 from claims due to accidents, medical bills, bankruptcy, credit cards, business/personal loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Key Questions

Yes, the owner on record can add to title their spouse or other individuals. For further information, please visit our Resources page and read Things to know before recording a Deed.

Yes, an individual can transfer ownership to a Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Partnership. You may be exempt from Transfer Tax if transferring into your own entity. Please visit our Resource page and read about Real Property Transfer Tax Exemptions.

Besides recording fees, the county recorder may charge a Real Property Transfer Tax fee, unless exempt as per Clark County Recorder Exemptions. Please visit our Resources page and read Real Property Transfer Tax Exemptions.

If ownership is vested as joint tenants, there may not be a charge besides the recording fees. Otherwise, there may be a partial or full transfer tax fee.

The process of transferring ownership typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparing the Deed: The first step is to have the deed prepared. This involves drafting the necessary document outlining the transfer of ownership.
  • Signing and Notarizing: Once the deed is prepared, it needs to be signed by the parties involved in the transfer. This step often requires the signatures to be notarized to ensure the document’s legality and authenticity.
  • Recording with the County Recorder’s Office: After the deed is signed and notarized, it must be recorded with the County Recorder’s Office or similar authority. This step officially documents the transfer of ownership and ensures it is legally recognized.

    Luckily, we offer to handle all these steps for you seamlessly!

Visit our FAQ page for additional frequently asked questions or visit our Resources page for important tips and informational links to get the facts from main sources.

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Bridging the Gap in Real Estate Services

We are a team of seasoned real estate professionals with vast experience in title and lending services. After years in the industry, we recognized a gap in consumer support when it came to preparing Deeds and other real estate documents.

Typically, title insurance companies restrict their services to resale or refinance transactions to minimize risk. Real estate attorney offices may not be inclined to handle single forms.

That’s precisely why Real Estate Title Solutions emerged – to provide a straightforward and budget-friendly solution for preparing real estate documents. Ready to experience the difference? Give us a try!

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